Glass Restoration Services Atlanta

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Shower Glass Restoration Services in Atlanta

Deliver that incredible look to the entrance of your shower, which you have never imagined before. The combination of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water creates the hard water dots after it dries, which are the biggest disasters for the glass. Showers are the extreme places with water and soap scum, etching and stain the glass. D’Sapone delivers incredible glass restoration services in Atlanta with high quality cleaners and sealers designed by pFOkUS.

We use Benaz, bringing that clear resolution by removing all the soap scum, etching and stains. Cleaning can only make your glass look clean, but it cannot prevent it from staining again. It’s not an issue for us as we always apply a sealer after the cleaning process. We seal the glass with Valore, preventing water and soap scum from staining the surface.

Valore is also a maintenance cleaner, which is very easy to use. Spray it on your glass once a week and keep the clarity with a 5 year labor warranty